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Medical Records.

Review of Client File and Medical Records – Because of the importance of actually understanding the client’s injuries, their cause and the prognosis for recover in creating medical illustrations, Art for Law & Medicine, Inc. reviews all medical records. This step has proven time and again to be instrumental in helping the client obtain favorable outcomes and also increase the value of a case by uncovering additional injuries.

Diagnostic Review of Radiological Images.

Diagnostic Review of Medical Film – Art for Law & Medicine’s, Inc. a board certified medical illustrator and board certified radiologist review X-rays, CAT-scans, PET scans and MRI film related to the injuries sustained by the client.


Review of Pre and Post Client Photos – Never underestimate the value of a blurry snapshot. We examine all photos because they can reveal valuable timeline information. We request that you submit all available pre-accident and post-accident photography related to the client’s injuries, including those taken or to be taken in the hospital setting.