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At Art for Law and Medicine, we believe creating “winning” graphical exhibits requires not just illustrative talent, but an in-depth understanding of each specific case, the medical issues involved and the underlying legal strategies.

During our initial briefing, we will meet with you in-person, over the phone via video or on-line to obtain a general overview of your client's case. At that time, you will provide us with the approach the firm intends to take in advocating on behalf of your client.

Following this initial consult, we will review the client’s files and medical records. This will allow us to gain a greater understanding of the client’s injuries, their causes, and the prognosis for recovery. We maintain the latest software for viewing X-Rays, CT-scans, PET-scans and MRI film related to the injuries sustained by your client. Often, we uncover medical details that may enhance your presentation.

For every case, Art for Law & Medicine reviews all available pre and post-accident photography related to the client’s injuries, including those taken in the hospital setting. We are the only provider of medical demonstrative evidence to do forensic inspection of all photos.

Once all materials and evidence have been reviewed, we will then work with you to determine the actual content of the medical illustrations and how they will fit into your legal strategy.

A detailed estimate will be provided that covers each element of the project as well as a timetable that highlights all delivery dates from proofs through to the final visuals.

After approval of this estimate, Art for Law and Medicine will immediately begin creating the agreed upon exhibits. They will be the highest quality graphics based upon an in-depth and detailed process that has proven time and time again to be instrumental in helping law firms build and win their cases.