Jennifer's art makes your courtroom presentations effective. This year, she did the art work in a case where the jury assessed damages at approx $56 million dollars. Her work was quite helpful.” -David Deehl, Esq.

Jennifer was a pleasure to work with in all respects! …knowledgeable, punctual, honest, the whole works...” -Evan Rosen, Esq.

“Ms. McCormick gave me a stunningly accurate, almost photographic quality illustrations tailored to my personal injury case. It was exactly as shown on the X-rays, MRIs and sonograms. Everyone who viewed the illustration was struck by the effective way she combined the written information to the films. Her combination of the photograph of my client and the illustrations brought home just how severely my client had been injured.
She was VERY reasonable for the quality of art she created. In my opinion, she is one of the few very gifted artist who are doing this work.” -J. Steele Olmstead

“Jennifer's work is of the highest quality… She absolutely understands what trial lawyers need.” - Lynne DeVenny, Senior Paralegal

“Jenn is a real pro and a vital part of the trial team.  She reviews all of the medical records and provides an analysis to us that we may not get from a read of the face of the cold chart.  She tells me first about the details of the injuries.  Then she describes the details of the surgeries and other procedures and how intricate and significant these are.  Then she illustrates these details in graphic detail and a manner which we all can understand.  These insights and the illustrations provide me with a depth of information and description which I can then convey to the judge or jury.  There is really no replacement for this type of in depth analysis and assistance. “ –Jack Hickey, Esq.      


“Our firm has hired Jennifer numerous times to create medical illustrations for litigation purposes. Her results are superb.” – Anthony Sos, Esq.

“Jennifer is the best in the business… She receives my highest recommendation.” -John Chilson, Esq.

“The exhibit has driven this case. You do great work.” -Rhonda B. Rodenbough, Senior Paralegal

“A product that condensed all of the pertinent testimony, … and other materials of the case into a forceful, compelling and ultimately masterful performance.” - Jeffrey Davis, Esq.

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is especially true when you are faced with trying to explain a complicated medical issue to a panel of jurors.  Our firm has been very pleased with the quality of work that Art for Law & Medicine, Inc. delivers.  AFLM has consistent in meeting our litigation needs in providing us with first rate illustrations.  Jennifer’s medical background and understanding is evident in the illustrations she produces, even in complex medical negligence claims.”  -Robert Dellecker, Attorney

“When we need custom medical illustrations for trial exhibits, we turn to Art for Law & Medicine, Inc. Jennifer's work is of the highest quality and extremely effective to illustrate complex medical legal issues, including causation and the nature of serious injuries. She absolutely understands what trial lawyers need for demonstrative evidence and works closely with us to create accurate, innovative and stunning exhibits. She always meets deadlines, even on short notice. We highly recommend her services.” – Lynne DeVenny, Senior Paralegal

“The illustrations…
were essential to our success in this case.”   - John Hickey, Esq.